The Tournament


Day 1

Qualifying Round

Competitors shoot a Morning Round (25 shots) and Afternoon Round (25 shots) for a total of 50 qualifying shots – 32 shots worth 1 Point and 18 Moneyball shots worth 2 Points. Max score after Day 1 = 68. 

One entire rack consists of Moneyballs. Each shooter will choose their Moneyball rack location. The fifth basketball in the other racks is also a Moneyball.

Bracket seeding for Day 2 is based off shooters' Total Score after Day 1. The Top 64 shooters advance to Day 2. All shooters outside the Top 64 are eliminated.

Day 1 Tiebreakers (for seeding purposes):
(1) Highest Single Round Score
(2) Total Made Shots
(3) Money ball Shots Made
(4) Random Draw for Seeding

*Ties for the final seeding spot (64th place) will compete head-to-head rather than be decided by the Tiebreakers above.


Head-to-Head Competition

Shooters compete head-to-head in bracket-style single-elimination rounds based on Day 1 seeding (ex., No. 1 seed versus No. 64 seed, No. 2 seed versus No. 63 seed, etc.).

Each round consists of 25 shots (16 shots worth 1 Point, 9 shots worth 2 Points). Max score per round is 34.

Day 2 Tiebreakers: All Day 2 head-to-head tiebreakers will run it back! Shooters will continue to compete in head-to-head rounds of 25 shots until a winner is determined.

*3pt Open reserves the right to adjust prize money based on the total number of sign-ups*


A. The "old" NCAA three-point line distance of 20 feet, ¾ inches.

A. 5 Moneyballs must be housed in a single rack. Shooters choose the Moneyball rack location (left corner, left wing, top of the key, right-wing, or right corner.) The final ball in each of the other four racks is also a Moneyball. There is a total of 9 Moneyballs per round.

A. One minute and 10 seconds.

A. Any shooter who misses their scheduled shooting time automatically forfeits that round and will be given a score of zero. No exceptions will be made.

A. Shooters can begin at either corner of the court.

A. Yes. Qualified referees will ensure (1) shooters shoot from beyond the arc; and (2) the ball is released from shooters' hands before the final buzzer. If a shooter's foot/toe is touching the three-point arc, or the basketball is touching any part of a shooter's hand/finger when the buzzer sounds, the basket will not count. The referees' decision will be final –no appeals or disputes will be permitted. Shooters are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.

A. Men's size, Wilson Evolution

A. Yes. Each shooter will have an "On-Deck" basket to themselves 5 minutes before their scheduled shooting time and an "In-the-hole" basket to themselves 10 minutes before their scheduled shooting time.

Official event basketballs and a rebounder will be provided at the "In-the-hole" and "On-Deck" courts. There are also 12 additional baskets ("warm-up courts") open to all shooters throughout the event.

A. The 3pt Open is open to anyone. It is the responsibility of each participant to check with their compliance office to determine eligibility. High school and collegiate athletes may inquire about NIL partnerships at [email protected]