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The Tournament


The Inaugural 3pt Open high-stakes three-point shooting competition will be held at Spooky Nook Sports Complex (Manheim, Pennsylvania) July 2-3, 2022. Entry is open to everyone.

Entry fee is $1,000 per Competitor. Winner takes $100,000!

Day 1 (SaturdAY, July 2, 2022 - all day)

Qualifying Round

  • Competitors will shoot a Morning Round (25 shots) and Afternoon Round (25 shots), for a total of 50 qualifying shots – 32 shots worth 1 Point and 18 Moneyball shots worth 2 Points. Max score after Day 1 = 68.
  • One entire rack will consist of Moneyballs. Each shooter will choose their Moneyball rack location. The fifth basketball in the other racks are also a Moneyball.
  • Competitors Total Score after Day 1 is used to determine bracket seeding for Day 2.
  • 64 Competitors advance to Day 2.
  • All Competitors outside the Top 64 are eliminated.
  • DAY 1 Tiebreakers (for seeding purposes):
    • (1) Highest Single Round Score
    • (2) Total Made Shots
    • (3) Moneyball Shots Made
    • (4) Random Draw for Seeding
  • Any and all ties for the final seeding spots (i.e. 64th place) will run it back with 25 more shots to see which competitors advance to Day 2.   For example, if eight participants are tied for the final 64th seed, the eight competitors will each shoot 25 shots with the highest score advancing.  
Day 2 (Sunday, July 3, 2022 - all day)

Head-to-head competition

  • Shooters will compete head-to-head in bracket style single-elimination rounds based on Day 1 seeding (ex. No. 1 seed versus No. 64 seed, No. 2 seed versus No. 63 seed, etc.).
  • Each Round consists of 25 shots (16 shots worth 1 Point, 9 shots worth 2 Points). Max score per round is 34.
  • DAY 2 Tiebreakers:  All Day 2 H2H tiebreakers will run it back!  Players will shoot 25 more shots and repeat that process until a winner is determined.  

Every phase of participant involvement will be scheduled. That includes registration, warm up times, and shooting times. Participant schedules will be sent via email to each participant. Each participant is responsible for knowing his or her scheduled registration, warm-up, and shooting times. Any participant who is late for (or misses) his or her scheduled shooting time will automatically forfeit that round and be given a score of zero.

Consists of a 50-shot Qualifying Round for all participants.

Consists of several rounds of head-to-head play for those who advance.

Each shooting round will last 1 minute and 15 seconds with a maximum of 25 balls to be shot. (5) racks each with (5) basketballs will be placed around the perimeter of the collegiate 3-point line (22 feet, 1.75 inches). The racks will be placed as follows: right baseline, right-key, top of the key, left-key, and left baseline. Each made basket will count as 1 point. The last ball in each rack is the “money” ball (different color). Each successful shot with a money ball is worth 2 points. In addition, each shooter will get to designate one rack with all money balls. All money balls are worth 2 points.

The maximum possible score for a round is 34 pts.


Shooting Protocol

When the horn sounds, participants will shoot as many balls as possible during the 1 minute and 15 seconds. All participants will be required to start shooting at the right baseline. The “money” ball must be the last ball shot in each rack. Any participant shooting the money ball before the end of the rack will receive zero points for that ball regardless of whether it was made. When the horn sounds a second time, the round is finished. Any balls still on a rack or in the hands of the participant will not count. The ball must clearly be out of the participant’s hands before the buzzer sounds to count. A certified referee will make the determination and his/her ruling is final.

Participants must be behind the 3-point line for any made baskets to count. Certified referees will be responsible for enforcing this rule. If a participant’s foot/toe is on or over the line, the basket will not count

Appeals Regarding Scoring

No appeals or disputes will be permitted. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Participants must leave the floor as instructed by the referee or officials. Failure to do so may result in being penalized 2 points, or in the forfeiture of the entire shooting round and a score of zero being applied.

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Prize Breakdown

Based on 256 Participants

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd - 4th Place

$10,000 Each

5th - 8th Place

$7,500 Each

9th - 16th Place

$5,000 Each

17th - 32nd Place

$2,000 Each



If the Event receives fewer than 260 applicants, 3-Point Championship, LLC reserves the right to modify the rules, prizes, format and/or other terms and conditions of the Event. In the event 3-Point Championship, LLC needs to modify the rules, prizes, format and/or other terms and conditions of the Event, participants will have the right to request a full refund. All refund requests must be made in writing (email) and submitted within 3 business days of the announced rules/prize amendments.